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co-op multiplayer games for the xbox360

GamePlayersScoreGenre *Release DateNotes
Arkadian Warriors260ActionDecember 12, 2007search terms
Cloning Clyde881ActionJuly 19, 2006search terms
Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires261ActionMarch 28, 2006search terms
Frogger262ActionSeptember 1, 2006search terms
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men266ActionApril 1, 2007search terms
Metal Slug 3279ActionJanuary 2, 2008search terms
N+4xxActionApril 1, 2008search terms
Paperboy271ActionFebruary 14, 2007search terms
Root Beer Tapper261ActionFebruary 7, 2007search terms
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe260ActionNovember 1, 2007search terms
Crash of the Titans265Action, AdventureOctober 2, 2007search terms
Eragon248Action, AdventureNovember 14, 2006search terms
Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal240Action, AdventureNovember 1, 2007search terms
Saints Row 22xxAction, AdventureOctober 1, 2008search terms
Assault Heroes279Action, Adventure, Shoot 'em UpDecember 13, 2006search terms
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames2xxAction, Adventure, Third-Person ShooterNovember 1, 2007search terms
Double Dragon257Action, Beat-'Em-UpMarch 1, 2007search terms
Golden Axe (XBLA)268Action, Beat-'Em-UpJuly 11, 2007search terms
Hellboy4xxAction, Beat-'Em-UpJune 1, 2007search terms
Streets of Rage 2275Action, Beat-'Em-UpAugust 29, 2007search terms
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles466Action, Beat-'Em-UpMarch 14, 2007confirmed
Crackdown283Action, DrivingFebruary 1, 2007search terms
Army of Two2xxAction, First-Person ShooterJune 1, 2007search terms
Joust268Action, PlatformNovember 22, 2005search terms
Rush'n Attack258Action, PlatformMay 23, 2007search terms
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom455Action, Role-Playing GameOctober 1, 2006search terms
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance482Action, Role-Playing GameNovember 1, 2006search terms
Omega Five272Action, Shoot-'em-upJanuary 1, 2008search terms
Defender258Action, ShooterNovember 15, 2006search terms
Super Contra260Action, ShooterJuly 25, 2007search terms
Undertow1676Action, ShooterSeptember 1, 2007search terms
Chromehounds1271Action, Third-Person ShooterJuly 11, 2006search terms
Soltrio Solitaire259Card GamesMay 16, 2007search terms
HazeMultiFirst-Person ShooterFebruary 1, 2007search terms
Call of Duty 21689First-Person Shooter, ActionNovember 15, 2005search terms
Conflict: Denied Ops250First-Person Shooter, ActionApril 1, 2008search terms
Crossfire2First-Person Shooter, ActionJune 1, 2007search terms
Doom480First-Person Shooter, ActionSeptember 27, 2006search terms
Left 4 Dead8xxFirst-Person Shooter, ActionOctober 1, 2007search terms
Perfect Dark Zero3281First-Person Shooter, ActionNovember 16, 2005search terms
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter1690First-Person Shooter, ActionMarch 7, 2006search terms
Borderlands4xxFirst-Person Shooter, Action, Role-Playing GameOctober 1, 2008search terms
Ace Combat 6: Fires of LiberationMulti80Flight CombatOctober 1, 2007search terms
Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions1672Flight Combat Simulation, Action, ShooterSeptember 18, 2007search terms
Blazing Angels: Secret Missions16Flight Combat Simulation, Action, ShooterMarch 27, 2007search terms
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII1666Flight Combat Simulation, Action, ShooterMarch 23, 2006search terms
Guitar Hero II292MusicFebruary 1, 2007search terms
Boogie Bunnies255PuzzleJanuary 16, 2008search terms
Shrek-N-Roll248PuzzleNovember 14, 2007search terms
1XR6xxRacing, Driving, ActionOctober 1, 2006search terms
Gyruss256ShooterApril 18, 2007search terms
Mutant Storm Reloaded277ShooterNovember 22, 2005search terms
Robotron: 2084265ShooterJanuary 6, 2006search terms
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil4xxShooterNovember 1, 2007search terms
Aegis Wing458Shooter, ActionMay 16, 2007search terms
Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank477Shooter, ActionJanuary 17, 2007search terms
NBA 2K8281Sports, BasketballOctober 1, 2007search terms
Outfit, The870Third-Person ActionMarch 13, 2006search terms
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer445Third-Person Action, AdventureJune 15, 2007search terms
Samurai Warriors 2452Third-Person Action, Beat-'Em-UpSeptember 19, 2006search terms
Samurai Warriors 2 Empires453Third-Person Action, Beat-'Em-Up, StrategyFebruary 27, 2007search terms
Alien Hominid HD479Third-Person ShooterMarch 1, 2007search terms
Earth Defense Force 2017269Third-Person ShooterMarch 1, 2007search terms

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