Warn The Penitents

There is a sect of penitent dwarves that reside outside of the Firetip Caverns. According to Captain Oban, this odd sect of dwarves should be warned of the attacks upon the city proper and that they may be in danger themselves.

He also requested that the party recruit as many willing bodies as possible to return to the Firetip Caverns and enlist them into the defensive army. Any bodies, even the crack pot sect of dwarves on the outskirts of territory, were of course welcome to die against the giants.

A last task to be performed on the way from the Dwarven Monastery was to collapse any tunnels that connected it to the Firetip Caverns proper. Some of those caverns and tunnels are large enough to allow a formidable sized force entrance into the caverns and the dwarves could not take the chance of having to fight on two defensive fronts.