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Midhaf: TheGreatLibraryOfTheDwarvesOfTheFiretipCaverns

At the historical heart of the FTC is a massive pillared building housing Craggenmore's library. Craggenmore himself is long deceased. He leaves behind the greatest collection of scholarly material outside of what the Eladrin probably have secreted away. The library is open to all but its navigation and .. errr.. indexing scheme .. is ... unique, shall we say. Research assistants, dedicated to Craggenmore's cause, tend this scholar's sanctuary and help as they are able.

Epic in scale, unknowable in scope, reaching back as a bridge into antiquity, the Great Library of the Firetip Caverns stretches for whole city blocks in each direction. From the enormous grand entrance to the storeys of racks and blocks of cubbies, the sum total of recorded history lies within. The bespectacled dwarven librarians who maintain and index the collection, some seemingly as ancient as the scrolls themselves, are always willing to lend a hand - provided you take your place in the queue.

Except... where?

As vast as it is in size, it is inscrutable in organization.

It is here that Marilena the Eladrin? Wizard has plied herself to the research of the Orb of Pelor.

The tomes and volumes are marked in large part by the sigil of the collectors or guilds which sponsor them. It is unlawful to peruse a text for which you are not correctly affiliated.

Marilena discovers through hard-won research that the collection is primarily organized by author, and then for the more prolific scribes, sub-indexed by subject matter. With a knowledge of the time period in which certain authors lived, it is possible to attempt to search the collections in a chronological fashion.

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