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He also gives you a battle standard: Standard of the Last Stand. The
Last Stand creates a zone close burst 5. Any variable healing power
applied inside the zone is maximized (both the power's invoker and the
power's recipient must be inside the zone). This is a *daily* power.
The standard follows all rules on p. 179 of adventurer's vault: it can
be planted on any non-difficult terrain surface and effectively takes
no space nor blocks line of sight. Planting the standard is a (wait
for it) standard action. Any player with at least one power that has
the "divine" keyword can plant the standard. The standard is a level
10 item and has a purchase price of 5k gp.

I made this item up - it is not in the book.. but is a mixture of the
standards presented there and the "healer's shield [level 10]" (daily
power: maximize one healing event that occurred within line of sight
of the shield's bearer). The shield seems under powered .. the other
standards are encounter powers but that feels over powered .. so I've

If you don't like the standard, you can sell it (but selling it here
might offend the mayor!) for a fixed 5k.