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Midhaf: ShrineOfPelor

Nestled in the center of Midhaf Village, the shrine of Pelor is old. Although it seems a mere fraction of the greatness of which it surely was, it provides for the needs of the villagers and the clerics.

Through the teachings of Rayshenton?, the head cleric, many of the inhabitants learn of Pelor's greatness and the history of their land. A land where the farming is hard and the prayers are plentiful.

An old well stands near the shrine. At one point, the water that flowed forth from it was enough to sustain the village and farms. It was said to be blessed by the god himself. These days, it is dried up and forgotten. The great aqueducts of the dwarves now bring the water from the mountains, and well sits alone, and very much un-cared for.

There have been rumors that the shrine is actually a large fortress that extends far below the surface of the ground. These are fairy tales and legends. The only ones that know any more then that are those that reside within the sacred walls and watch over the people of the village.

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