Session 9

What, this dragon?

Day 39

Dead Green Dragon, 4 dead humans lying next to a pile of 40 burning humans and another pile of arms and armour. 5 warforged staring at us.

Capt Emo

  "Oh.  This is awkward."  


  "Captain!  You just missed the fight!"

Ben Nevis hired the warforged - delivered goods.

WF Warned by Tiannich about ambusg

  • Betrayed by Nevis - Arming Tiamat Cultists

Assembled army of Mercs from Kinseque?

  • Use Nevis' weapons to arm Mercs
  • Will use army of Mercs to flank Giants

We must deliver msg to Oban re: date & time & details of the flanking maneuver so that the dwarves can mass an attack.

Loot: 270gp in coins & gems; 550gp worth of dragon salvage.

Load up horses and head north to Merc encampment.

  • Encampment is just south of Kinseque

March 3-4 hours north, forest starts to thin out - lots of tress cut down. Come to crest of hill, overlooking Merc encampment.

  • Several concentric rings of defense
    • Large ditch
    • Palisade Wall
    • Infantry tents
    • Artillery area (siege engines)
    • leaders' tents
    • Command Tent w/ banner
  • Two types of people inside
    • Ones with stuff that matches (Warforged - ~150)
    • Ones with stuff that doesn't match (Able-bodied male Humans - Lots)

Capt Emo sends a horn signal and we approach.

  • We have to talk to "Briggs"
  • Briggs is in charge
  • Briggs is a stickler for discipline

Warforged are providing military training to humans within camp, but the humans are in large part constructing and seeing to the maintenance of huge siege-scale crossbows.

Inside the Command Tent, there's a huge table with a map, complete with route of march laid out, notes on provisioning, calculations on weapon size and personnel requirements.

Briggs comes in. Says that preparations will be complete in 3 days. He has a stack of reports that seem to back this up. Briggs is the largest of the warforged we've seen so far. Has a large pauldron with stars on it. That means he's in charge.

The giants have Approximately 15 titans. 1 or 2 may have already fallen in combat. They are massed at the South Gate entrance to the Firetip Caverns.

Lady Tiannich hired the warforged. They have been working at this particular mission for 20-30 years (giants have only had FTC under siege for ~4 months).

It will take 3 weeks to move everything from this camp into position. We will leave in 3 days, when preparations are complete, and make it to the North Gate with about 6 days to provide a warning to Capt Oban (we get a scroll w/ details).

Day 40-42

In the meanwhile, Bruk & Kiranth get assigned additional duties to train humans to protect artillery. Briggs seems to care little for elves; says they are flaky and unreliable.

We learn more or less some methods for making siege engines.

Bruk learns that most of a successful siege is in the planning.

Discussion of Librarians' Motives.

Briggs hands over scroll to Kiranth.

Day 43

8 days of marching to North Gate entrance to FTC

Day 50

Start ascending the switchbacks up to the North Gate of the FTC. Encounter 3 drakes and 4 fur-clad Orcs that were placed to guard the pass.

Having defeated them and pitched the remains over the cliff, we reach the North Gate about 2 hours later. Guards let us in, we proceed to clean up and eat.

On the way to Tavern, drop note at dead drop for Oban "Need to talk ASAP, you know where we'll be"

At our Apt, Flowers with note from Perzelle.

Marilena's friends have closed up shop in the market.

We go to the Tavern. There has apparently been more unrest in the FTC. The King still hasn't raised a finger to oppose the giants.

Capt. Oban arrives, we go upstairs to talk in private.

Day 51

Perzelle wakes us up.

  • Balvenie looking for us
  • Tiannich & Nevis had a falling out.
  • Oban's men shut all the gates & entrances
  • Warned Perzelle about Tiamat Cult (She may or may not care)

We go to library after breakfast.

  • Tiannich public disavows Nevis (according to the Firetips Herald)

Return to warehouse to collect payment. Bookkeeper asks questions about the job. Gives us a chest of gold.

  • 185 gp each

Day 52

Perzelle sets us up to meet with Tiannich

  • Meet someplace high-end, but public.
  • Banquet rm ~15-20 people
    • Perzelle
    • Us
    • 6-7 Ninja-ladies-in-waiting (bodyguards)
  • Dinner goes well, chit-chat & propaganda
    • Lady Tiannich comes in when coffee is served

We are invited to watch the battle from her parapet.

We finish dinner, go home.

Stop at the library, look up FTC rules of succession. They are more complicated that you would expect.

Day 53


  • Buy replica sceptre at gift shop (1sp)
  • Buy Brass Eagle & Warforged Action Figures (1sp)

Day 54

Day of Battle

We head up to the parapet near the South Gate, it is carved from the living rock, and affords an excellent view of the battle. The battle begins, siege engines knock down a few giants, the forces are beaten back. The lord mayor comes out under heavy shielding on a magnificent white horse, and is summarily laid flat by an errant blow. The sceptre is knocked from his grasp to the ground. As we look on, a blue dragon swoops in and grabs the sceptre, then jets off to the North.

Later that night at the Tavern. Perzelle and the Emo WF captain approach us at our table.

  • Perzelle knows where the Blue Dragon lair is.
  • The Emo captain sketches us a map.
  • Perzelle knows Marilena's parents well, has known them for years.

Day 55

We go to the Wizards guild, which is now guarded by the NLIW. We are logged in and we wait to be allowed in. Balvenie begrudgingly grants Marilena guild membership (although without the bells and whistles).

Return to the apartment. Marilena pulls an all-nighter at the library, using her newfound access from membership. She looks up the history o the Orb of Pelor, and gets a map with locations of teleport circles.

Day 56

We depart for the Dragon's lair. 8 days march through the snowy passes of the Firetips.

Day 64

Arrive at the outskirts of the dragon's caves on the morning of the 9th day out of the FTC.

As we enter, we hear sounds of battle preparation. We fight a number of troglodytes.

After a short rest, we venture further into the caves.