Session 4

The exhausted party camps out beyond the slums on the outskirts of town. Though sleepless, the travelers relish what sleep they get. In the morning, they press further into the Firetip Caverns.

The morning they wake, feeling refreshed (especially given the alternative - dead). Over breakfast, they consult with Hrunthernn, who informs them that although they appear to be in an urban area, this is nothing compared to the Firetip Caverns proper, which is still a couple days walk away, through the twists and turns of the cavernous slums.

True to his word, three days later (towards the end of day 12 out of Midhaf), they come to an escarpment overlooking the awe-inspiring sprawl of the FTC. Never before have Bruk, Kiranth or Marilena seen such a metropolis. Makani is nonplussed.

(hive of scum and villainy reference)

A group of Dwarf Guards is fighting a Giant. The giant is very, very large. Giant, even.

The FTC Guard is made up of two tiers, the rank and file Guard, who wear an emblem featuring the Hammer of Moradin; and the Defenders' Guild, who are more elite, and wear fancier garb and an emblem that features the Hammer of Moradin crossed with the Lord Mayor's Sceptre, which is topped with a red crystal bearing a striking resemblance to the shard of the Orb of Pelor in the party's possession.

Captain Oban is the leader of the Defenders' Guild. He is currently leading the group of Dwarves laying the beat down on the giant. He deals the killing blow. There is much rejoicing.

The party also meets Tormore?, the Gate Chief. He more or less acts as Capt Oban's surrogate in dealing with the party, since Oban can't be seen with riffraff like us.

We come to an Inn (The Caverns Tavern).

:Start day 13

Marilena seeks out the Library. Epic in size, loosely affiliated with Ioun. Run by an ancient librarian, Cragganmore?. We soon discover that there is a 15-year backlog of research requests. We offer Marilena as cheap labor to help move that request further up in the queue.

Doing research, find out that you have to be a member of an Arcane Guild to open texts with that guild's sigil on them. Marilena tries to join the guild, we meet Lord Balvenie, master of the Arcane Guild. Guild entrance fee is 75,000gp. This is ridiculously expensive, but you get to use their teleporter ring (read: Stargate) and they don't kill you for looking at their books and scrolls.

Lord Balvenie informs us that there's a coup in the offing, and that he wants it stopped. Apparently the Merchants want a greater say in the government and more influence overall.

Glen Dronaugh is somebody. Not sure who.

There is a Tiefling underboss in the local Mob? named Cyprus?. He's been gaining power lately, profiteering in the atmosphere of chaos surrounding the Giants' Siege.

Dwarf named Cambus, probably also an underworld figure.

FTC Power Structure:

Lord Mayor
GlenmoreAldmoreBen Nevis
(Precincts)(Something)Merchant Qtr

Or something.

To the west of the FTC lies a large forest?.

We discover that the Lord Mayor has a hot sister, Teaninich. Hot in dwarven terms is something of a matter for discussion debate.

  ~ ~ ~          }                    * * * *       ^    ^       ^    ^ 
                {                      * * * * *         ^  ^   Pass     ^ ^ 
      ~ ~ ~      }                      * * * * * *             ^    ^   
                {    Mixed               * * * * * *          ^    ^ Firetips  ^
  Sea          }   Settlements        * * * * *         ^  ^   ^
                {                          * * * * * *   ^ ^ ^ ^   ^ ^ ]|--n--n--n--n--|[ Midhaf
  ~ ~ ~           }                     * * Forest * *          ^ ^   ^   ^ 
                {                     * * * * *        ^  ^    ^   ^ ^ 
~ ~ ~          }                  * * * * *               ^   ^ 
                {                  * * * * * * *             ^         ^     ^ 
   ~ ~ ~         }                 * * * * * *              ^   ^ ^ 
                {             * * * * *                    ^ ^ 

Party is set upon by a failed pickpocket (urchin boy) in the market. We intimidate him into telling us who is in the pyramid above him. He says some guy named Dramguish takes gambling action in the marketplace.

Bruk takes his Falchion into a weaponsmith's shop to get sharpened. He says he wants it to be fancy, and asks to have "Justice" inscribed on the blade. The smith gets really excited and says come back tomorrow.

:Day 14

We prepare for the next day and our clever plan for working our way up the underworld chain to useful information by performing the time-tested "Convert funds to Beer" ritual at the Caverns Tavern. We discuss the plan. Plan A is a carefully laid trap with intricate detail and delicately orchestrated machinations; Plan B is "Get 'em".

In the morning, the party heads back to the market to a known hangout of the bookie. Bruk stops on the way to pick up his Falchion, which has been blinged out in a spectacular fashion, shiny, fancy; the word "Justice" has been inscribed in dwarven script, as well as some kind of epic poem all along the curve of the blade about Moradin's justice, and it's coming for you or something. Also, there's a huge Moradin emblem on it. Bruk's a Bahamut worshipper, but what are you going to do? He pays for it and heads out.

We lay our trap for Dramguish, clumsily spring it, rapidly devolve into plan B and then narrowly beat him and a bunch of flunkies in a back alley. He's a bookie, we take his book. He tells us Onesillus covers bets that are too big for him.

Leave message at pub ("Craggy Beard") ((?))

50gp/250sp loot.

We return to the Caverns Tavern to ponder our next move.