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Midhaf: Session2

The Shrine of Pelor, Reclaimed

After a week of re-fortifying the city, the head cleric of Pelor calls the young group to his chambers. Aside him stands an elf from the mountains that brought word of giant attacks against the dwarves. Topping off the grave news, the aqueduct has run dry, and the cleric sends the group into the depths of the temple for answers.

The elf, Makani, accompanies them as he is told that Pelor deemed it necessary for him to travel with Bruk, Kiranth, and Marilena.

The group travels into the depths of the temple, through doors sealed magically and only opened through scrolls of ritual read by Rayshenton. Through the depths they go, endless stairways and landings, ancient chiseled out corridors, and small rooms.

There were a couple scuffles with the undead. A sign that something was not right, especially in this holy place. Then a major battle in a room where offerings were given upon something that must have been an altar at one point.

The beefy one known as Kiranth rooted through the pile of garbage where the altar was to find some pieces of loot as the rest of us cleaned up best we could to press on. A circular room, and then the voice of a god resounded within the heads of party. A quest was given, to remake the orb and return it to the place of it's keeping. Marilena has possession of the orb piece for now.

After which flowers, grass, and various vegetation began to grow from the walls and floor. Returning to the surface found that the old dried up well began to flow with water again, and that vegetation began to grow up on the surface as well.

With the sustenance of the town guaranteed at least for now, it was time to address the matter of the dried-up aqueduct. With no other leads towards finding the other fragments of the Orb, it was as good a place to start as any.

After a few days' rest to gather up provisions and say their goodbyes, the party started out on their journey.

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