Session 12

Session 12

82 days since we left Midhaf

Hanging out in Kinseque Town. We've been here for about 2 weeks. We are still staying at the Mountain Hearth. The proprietor's name is Reggen (human female). She has been harrassed lately by a gang seeking protection money. The gang vandalizes her property when she doesn't pay, which she is refusing to do.

We hear tales of an Evil Ancient White Dragon which lives in the Frozen North. It is said that the power of this dragon is what keeps the north unnaturally cold. A male Fey from the North named Silvia relates this information to us, along with his tale of woe. He is a refugee from the north.

Stories have also started to filter in about a crazy Dwarf that has been spreading word about people from Midhaf, who have performed various heroic deeds. He is widely regarded as a nut, most people have barely heard of Midhaf.

Another story we heard is of a giant shrine/statue that has fallen from the sky and landed in a plaza in the Blister district. It has apparently attracted a following, which gathers daily around it, chanting.

Preparing to leave town, we decide to go check out these stories before we go. Stumbling through Blister, we happen upon a large-ish plaza. At one end of the plaza, a throng of shabby humans and dwarves are heckling what appears to be a crazed dwarven Paladin, working themselves into a stoning mood. At the other end of the plaza stands a metallic statue, larger than a person but smaller than a building, surrounded by stock-still humanoid onlookers, who are chanting to it.

We identify the dwarven Paladin as Khalid, our old friend from the Monastery of Moradin's Penitents. He's preaching some new hybrid religion, merging the works of Moradin and Pelor, talking about the greatness of their combined glory. Or something. He's also going on about a group of adventurers from Midhaf that are the vanguard of this new hybrid religion.

We split up, one group trying to grab Khalid before he blows our cover, the other going to check out the statue. Marilena closes on the outermost statue worshippers, and one of them grabs her arm. She reels back and unleashes a flurry of magic missiles, killing him instantly. In cold blood. Stone cold murder, right there. In front of everybody.

A fight ensues. The statue zorches anyone who attacks one of its followers, we can't get close enough to do any real damage to it. We end up killing all of the minions, most of us get set on fire at least once. We eventually give up on killing the thing and head back to the tavern with Khalid.

Whore, The. (I have no idea)

Silvia, the skinny northerner took up residence in the boneyard when his means no longer supported his stay at the Mountain Hearth.

Wuzzelfuzzel, not the toughest street boss.

We find a gambling house in the Boneyard.

  • Little green guy
  • Rm 5023A

New fun game: "Bones"

Silvia, male eladrin

  • Very attractive
  • From the eladrin lands of the North.

In the middle of the Frozen Forest sits a large lake. There is a castle on the ice in the middle of the lake.

Teleportation circles are located throughout the North. He doesn't know any of the runes.

There is a bounty on us - 4000gp

Glandore river separates the Eladrin and Elf lands.

29 families ruled the elven lands in antiquity, but they eventually fell apart and the council dissolved.

We find out that we have to go back to Midhaf, because Marilena's parents know all kinds of stuff about the North. ("The First Who Ran")

So we truck back to Midhaf.

Day 83

We set out for the Monastery of Moradin's Penitents.

Day 90

We arrive at the monastery. They make us a boat. Pelor Rulz is added to the reverse face of Justice, the increasingly divinity-confused glaive.

Day 92

Our boat is ready. We set off from the source of the aqueduct. It's a hella nice boat.

It only takes 2 days to sail back down the aqueduct. Sure beats walking.

Day 94

We arrive in Midhaf in the morning. We are greeted by Rayshenton.

For the most part, people are glad to see us. A fete is thrown. Questions are answered. Rayshenton gives us the address for the Midhaf portal, so we needn't walk or boat excessively in the future (and we can expedite return of the completed Orb). Kiranth's family has a lot of angst.

Day 95

More discussions, more Q&A. Perzelle is the queen of the Elves. Marilena's parents are epic-scale refugees.

Day 96

The clerics at the Pelor temple cast the portal spell for us, and we teleport to Laroun (coastal city). We step out of the portal onto the end of a long stone pier on a wide river looking at a sprawling city.