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Midhaf: Session11

Session 11

Two Blue dragons are talking to each other, one is on the other side of a portal. 6 Dragonborn come through the portal as their conversation ends. We attack. We win.

Orb Scepter - disintegrates after the orb fragment is removed. Marilena put the 2 pieces together, all other orbs are worthless trifles compared to this half of Pelor's Orb.

Loot (this might be better in a table): Duelist's +2 Light Blade - Yakarth +2 Vicious Maul - sell Horned Helm - sell Dwarven Greaves - Kiranth (?) 40 gems @ 50gp ea. = 2000 gp (split) Ritual Book - Marilena - Linked Portal - Magic Circle - Phantom Steed 100' silk rope - Bruk Silvered Longsword - Kiranth Map Instruments & Gold Compass - Bruk 4 sets extravagant clothing - sell 60gp ea

Day 65

Spent the day smashing the portal. Hole up for 1 more day to rest and finish searching/analyzing.

Day 66

Leave the dragon's lair. Head toward Kinseque Town.

Day 69

Arrive Kinseque, a large town full of sleazy people. It is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Council of Elders

Garrison - 150 warriors + 500-1000 irregulars

Durgan's XXX Brewery

Several Moradin Temples

Sold the Horned Helm - 1350 gp

Day 70

Sold Vicious +2 Maul - 2050 gp Sold fancy clothes

Located a merchant in the Forgeworks - the Earl of Armor

Day 71

Sold Orb +1 - 510 gp

Earl of Armor recommended us to his cousin, the Duke of Arms.

Ended up selling the Maul to "crackhead"

Day 72

The next session starts here.

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