The god of Sun and summer and agriculture - the main god worshipped in Midhaf, which is built around a shrine dedicated to his cause.
Head cleric of the Shrine of Pelor. He has known the heroes since they were children in Midhaf, watched over them as they grew and exhibited their budding talents, wondered if this generation is that promised generation foretold to signal the time of doubt.
Great Bronze Wyrm, protector of the lands. In ancient times Pelor bid Vixxelcrusk to guard the great arid plain, or so the legend says. He spends his centuries sprawled upon an obsidian dais near the center of the plain where no shadow can interrupt the glorious sun. Now, however, he is strangely absent. A powerful divination revealed him swirling high over an ocean coast.

Elven Watcher's Village (Makani's home)

Makani's father, master of the dual wielding blades. He, along with Alassë, were the leaders of the watcher's village. Stood by Carinile and Alassë to stall the giants while Makani and Aria made their escape.
Makani's mother, and instructor of the mystical arts. She, along with Súrion, were the leaders of the watcher's village. Stood by Carinile and Súrion to stall the giants while Makani and Aria made their escape.
Captain of the Elven Guard for the village. He was charged with it's protection and the training of the younger elves in the arts of combat. Possibly dead after standing with Makani's parents in defense of the village against the giants.
An Elven Runner sent to the Fire Tip Mountains to seek an audience with the dwarves. Makani is sure he made it to the mountain safely, but has yet to determine what happened to him and why he hasn't tried returning to the village.
Makani's lover, wife, other ? Skilled dual wielding Elf ranger sent to report the destruction of the village to the Elven King. Vows to return and find Makani once she is finished. She and Makani are the only known survivors of the village. Possibly Barinor as well.

Firetip Caverns

Captain Oban
Captain of the Dwarven Guard. When the party entered the Firetip caverns, they witnessed the Captain slay a giant that had penetrated the great gate. He often wears a long burgundy cloak with patches designating his exulted rank. Captain Oban agreed to look the other way should the underworld bosses be inconvenienced but warns that justice will find any that harms a member of his guard.
A guardsmen, usually in charge of the great gate. Reports to Captain Oban, of course.
Craggenmore, Ancient Librarian
At the historical heart of the FTC is a massive pillared building housing Craggenmore's library. Craggenmore himself is long deceased. He leaves behind the greatest collection of scholarly material outside of what the Eladrin probably have secreted away. The library is open to all but its navigation and .. errr.. indexing scheme .. is ... unique, shall we say. Research assistants, dedicated to Craggenmore's cause, tend this scholar's sanctuary and help as they are able.
Lord Mayor Clynelish
The hereditary ruler of the FTC. His family has headed the nobleman leaders for all of memory. The Lord Mayor directly commands Captain Oban, Balvanie of the Wizards Guild, the other nobles and his beautiful (in dwarven eyes) elder sister, Teaninich.
Head guild master of the opulent wizard's guild. The guild allows memberships to be purchased for an outrageous sum of gold - a total only the wealthy merchants can afford. But has been known to accept a strategic favor in return for membership to those less affluent. The guild controls access to all arcane materials or writings in Craggenmore's Library and bans the sale of arcana to non-guild members within the FTC. Guild membership grants the privilege of using the guild's teleportation circle. Unauthorized users are killed. The guild swims in money - their quarters are nearly plated in gold and gilded in ostentation.
Ben Nevis
A merchant, seeking more power, rumored lover of Teaninich, sister to the Lord Mayor.
The elder sister of the Lord Mayor. Tradition grants the crown to the male heir; however, many commoners within the FTC suspect that Teaninich, beautiful, graceful and forcefully intelligent, wields not insignificant power behind the crown. Or at least that what's the tabloids would print.
Head of the merchant's council, a collection of the most successful merchant families. The council was formed to "advise the Lord Mayor" in a compromise to settle the ambitions of FTC's wealthy non-titled class. The Longmorn Cavern is home to many merchants. It is accessed via the terraced stairs of the unmotioned warriors - a long set of slowly rising stairs 200 feet in breadth framed by statues of great dwarves. The statues are chiseled from blocks of FTC granite, selected such that the red minerals native to the stone highlight the statues, giving them an uncanny sense of motion. All of Longmorn cavern is lit and warmed by arcana simulating sun light and is filled with exotic gardens.
  • Belmenach - merchant of arms
  • Glendromach - merchant of armors
  • Mortlach - merchant of textiles
  • Bladnoch - merchant of arms
A nobody bookie, a common criminal
Minch the Pinch
A street corner enforcer for the underworld. Insures bets Minch can't cover.
Tiefling head of the local underworld. Seems to be wrapped up in dealings with a Vecna cult.
A good hearted, justice seeking blacksmith. Bruk talked him up on Justice and Inchgower, tired of the corruption around him, fashined Bruk a thundering Falchion inscribed with an emblem of Moradin.
An elf from the Orange Fells, currently a little obsessed with these cute little folks from Midhaf.
Percy and Cless
Human husband and wife, apparently quite wealthy, living as expats in the FTC.