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Midhaf: Marilena

Marilena Soveliss was born in the village of Midhaf 20 years ago. Strangely enough, she, along with her parents (Lenwe and Tari) are the only Eladrin permanent residents in town. She's a waif of a girl, 5'4" and barely cresting 100lbs. The sharpness of her mind is matched only by her thirst for knowledge and understanding. Her demeanor is often single focused to the detriment of what else may be going on around her. She is kind, affectionate, logical, matter-of-fact (sometimes to the point of uncouth), curious and, unlike most Eladrin, she smiles on occassion.

Much of her parent's heritage is unknown to her. All Marilena knows to this day is that her parents fled to Midhaf from the West while her mother was pregnant with her. Anything more, they make a strong point not to speak of. They keep to themselves for the most part and try not to involve themselves with the regular goings-on in town. Including, apparently, its defense, as shown during the recent goblinoid attack. As most typical Eladrin are, her parents are very aloof and seemingly detached from the world around them. They decided soon after their arrival to allow Marilena to integrate into the Midhaf culture and community. So, she received primary schooling from the elders in the village and supplemental education from Lenwe, who taught her how to trance as well as how to explore the connection all Eladrin share with the Feywild. Her mother Tari gave her a basic education with the longsword, claiming that "if the power of the Fey ever fails you, you must be prepared."

Since Marilena was raised among the other citizens of Midhaf, she adopted many mannerisms and customs of the children there (often much to her father's displeasure). She took an early fascination with magic after once beholding a ritual being peformed by the elder Pelor clerics. Finding an early tutor in Rayshenton, she started exploring the arcane arts at a very early age. Even though Marilena was young at the time, Rayshenton was patient and willing to educate her as best he could. However, after she started casting her first cantrips at the age of 11 and bequeathed her first orb at age 14, Rayshenton became very aware that his student would one day surpass his abilities to instruct. A problem for another day, he would tell himself.

As she grew, Marilena made the friendship of several other children in Midhaf. In particular, the dragonborn Bruk was one of her earliest companions as they were close in age and temperment. Their adventurous spirits would often get them into trouble with the elder clerics and instructors. Since she was rather small and he rather large, bullies who found Marilena too odd for their tastes were rarely an issue. After play, they would often go to a secluded place underneath the great aqueduct. There, they would talk and read. He would read of history and great battles of the past. It was common for Bruk to become rather animated and excited describing the epic conflicts he learned about. She would typically lie nearby reading and learning of some obscure arcana, occassionally pondering Bruk's words and become befuddled there were so many ways to go to war. With regard to her own studies, Marilena's thirst for knowledge seemed boundless. The girl would seek new information like a moth to flame. How fortunate that the archives of Pelor kept by the clerics were as extensive as they were. History, religion, architecture, the natural worlds...and of course the arcane...all were topics of fascination.

A couple of years later, Kiranth was born to a local dragonborn couple. His parents and Bruk's were good friends, so Marilena and Bruk would spend much time around their homes and the infant. They would often babysit him (well, mostly Marilena would...Bruk was often distractable) while his parents were out on other business. He grew rather quickly, as dragonborn tend to do, and when he reached maturity, he joined the two friends in their antics and adventures together. As the years went by, the three became nearly inseparable, even when it becamse clear their areas of study could sometimes keep them apart. They would go to their special place under the aqueduct and often speak of life beyond the protection of Vixxelcurisk and Midhaf and how dangerous and fascinating it must be. The more time they spent together, Marilena came to see the two dragonborn as her big brothers, protecting her from harm.

Marilena's ranking among the scholars in town grew, just as Bruk and Kiranth's stature in the guard did. Kiranth as one of the town's finest warriors and Bruk as the pestigious guard captain. As many months went on, the trio started to grow a bit restless. They were growing up, yet Midhaf was not. Marilena began to grow frustrated when the now meager library at the temple proved inadequate to quench her thirst for new knowledge. Likewise, the dragonborn yearned for true opponents to test their mettle. However, such was life in Midhaf. The great dragon kept them safe. They had nothing to want for. Why could they not just be content?

Then, one day, news of the dragon's disappearance traveled like wildfire throughout town. Suddenly, a cloud of dust out on the horizon begins to draw near. Marilena's blood pumps hard with excitement. Along with her childhood companions, she rushes towards the fray. In the face of a grave threat to her way of life, how ironic that this is the first time she feels truly...alive?

Marilena's Journal

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