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Midhaf: Makani


Makani is a typical Elf you might encounter on your travels. He is a ranger that prefers the elegance and style of the bow. He is often quiet, fairly reflective, and seems distracted, though most people may pass this off as a typical elf's short attention span. This however, seems to go much deeper.
Although he seems reserved in conversation or social situations, he makes up for in combat. Trained at a young age in the arts of ranged attacks, he can be quite deadly in battle. If Melora smiles kindly upon him, he can unleash a hail of arrows that can turn the most fearsome creature into a pin cushion.
No one is sure why Makani has joined up with the party of adventurers, other then perhaps a means to an end. He was present when Pelor commanded that the orb be refashioned. Perhaps this is why he travels with them, or perhaps he's searching for something himself.
He seems to respect Bruk and Kiranth as he looks to them as superior in close quarters combat them himself. It might seem odd, but it looks like Makani has a deep appreciation for those that can fight in combat close to their enemies.
Makani sees a leader in Bruk, and Kiranth is great at keeping the various creatures attentions. Through the acid breath and taunting, Makani is glad to have him on the front lines.
Makani often can be seen staring at Marilena, though, not in an uncomfortable way. There seems to be an appreciation of her ventures into the mystical arts, and something else. Possible others might see it as an interest in love, but Makani doesn't like talking much about himself or sharing details of his past. He does seem a bit overprotective of her in various situations.
Although he knows little about Hrunthernn, he seems to enjoy having the dwarf around. Especially while in the Fire Tip Caverns. Makani seems a bit puzzled by him still, but having a dedicated healer in the group is always a plus. Also, it seems to be something Makani has no experience with in the past.
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