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Midhaf: Kiranth

Kiranth was hatched in Midhaf. An ignoble place of birth for a race as proud as the Dragonborn, but there it is. His family had travelled there years ago in order to serve the great wyrm Vixxelcrusk. Generally, Vixxelcursk requires little service, and the family had set up shop as a smithy.

Growing up among mostly humans wasn't the most pleasant of experiences. They can be quite fragile, and the people of Midhaf aren't known as great warriors. After one particularly unfortunate incident during basic militia training, the town's leaders demanded that he only spar with a shield! All for the safety of the smaller boys. Fortunately, you can bash people with a shield quite effectively. Since then, it has rarely left his side, and remains useful when surrounded by people with swords or sticks.

Recently, he has taken up arms with a small band of adventurers: Bossy, Tiny, Skinny, and Shorty. They defended the town against an attack, and have set out in search of trouble by leaving via the aqueduct. He serves as warrior, defender, lock opener, trap spotter and remover.

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