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!!Lighting Flashes
!!Lightning Flashes
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Clearing of Death
!!Clearing of Death
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It seems the others have been enlisted in more help routing out some of the underworld troublemakers. I almost feel guilty for not being present to help, yet I still need to remember those from our village. The stories the others tell me make the incident seem rather routine, though Marilena looks pretty shaken up from the whole ordeal. I forget how young she is, and how very dangerous she is as well. Hopefully she finds a teacher soon.

Ben Nevis has contracted services for protection of a shipment of weapons. The others have agreed, and although I was somewhat cross at not being asked beforehand, it subsided quickly when I learned it would bring me closer to the Elven Kingdom. How I yearn to leave this mountain city. The sky will be a sight for sore eyes.
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I have asked around for other elves that may have been through, and most of the vendors here have mentioned Marilena's new friend, Perzelle. I have still yet to meet her, though I wonder if perhaps it would be worthwhile. She seems so much different then myself. In any case, it seems that Balinor hasn't been seen here, at least among the vendors I've spoken with. Perhaps it is time to make some inquiries among the diplomatic dwarves in the local government here.

But first, I shall leave word of my arrival to a few of the elves I've met in the marketplace. In case you should make your way here Aria, I would like for you to know I arrived safely. It seems that I will be traveling closer the the Elven lands soon enough. To where my path will lead after this place, I know not. I will leave a marks upon the path though, for you to find if the gods will it so.

!!Hired Escorts

It seems that tonight is the night for us to finally leave the mountains. I can say that I have looked forward to this moment for some time now. The city is truly no place for me, and though I know that winter has fallen to the mountains beyond, I yearn to smell the air and see the stars of the sky.

I have left word with the barkeep as to where we have gone. Some extra coin in his purse hopefully will remind him of that fact in case you ask about me. As I have mentioned before, I will try to make the path easier for you to follow. Hopefully, there will be no need, but Melora knows where this will all end.

I feel badly for Hrunthernn, it seems that the rest of us know of a potential coup of the current Lord Mayor of the dwarves. The merchant guild seems bent on overthrowing him, and rumors of the Mayor's sister's involvement are fresh in Marilena's mind. We've also found out that an orb fragment sits upon the scepter of the Lord Mayor as well.

The others have been contemplating over throwing the lord mayor in order to obtain this orb fragment. I'm sure Hrunthernn would object to this plan. It will need to be spoken of freely soon enough. Hopefully, the dragonborn will have their wits about them.

We have arrived at the west gate. It appears to be quiet, so we will make for the pass quickly once we are finished preparing. Apparently, with the defense of the mountain, they are short mule handlers. I worry how Bruk and Kiranth will fair with their charges, perhaps I can help them. I'm anxious to leave this place, hopefully we will not have to return anytime soon.

The others still haven't told Hrunthernn about their plans. Let's hope they have changed their minds.

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!!The Orb of Pelor

I almost failed you, Aria. Even now I shudder to think of how close I was on death's door. The journey into the temple was more then I had thought it would be. A simple reconnaissance turned into a fight for our lives. Thankfully, I was with capable warriors or I fear it would have come to an end there.

Stairs upon stairs lead down into the depths of the temple that had been unknown for who knows how long. It seemed this temple had secrets long since forgotten before those of the village settled here. During our investigations, we came in contact with creatures so unnatural and twisted, it turned my stomach to look upon them.

There were a few scuffles along the way, nothing we couldn't handle, until we came upon a certain room that seemed like it was set as an intentional trap. We were flanked on two sides, with more of those unnatural creatures rushing towards us.

In the forests and hills, I'm handy with a bow. In small enclosed rooms, I'm somewhat at a loss. How I wished I had studied the blade under my father's instruction, perhaps I may have been more use. It was here that I almost met an end.

Luckily, Kiranth and Bruk were there to help pull the creature off of me and keep them at bay. I d id my best within the confined space, and was able to help destroy these creatures.

While we licked out wounds, I wondered who might have set this trap for us. Surely, there was none that could have known about these chambers far below the temple proper. Perhaps it was chance, though it seemed far too organized to have been thought out by these mindless corpses.

We found a secret door to another room. Here we engage in another battle, however the open space is more to my liking. This battle goes much quicker, and then we heard the voice of a god.

Pelor, had spoken and charged us with the re-making of an orb he once gifted to the mortal men of this temple. Marilena received a portion of this orb. She tells us it is imbued with magic, yet fears what the orb made whole might wield in power. Something to think on another day, I am weary from simple journey into the temple. Perhaps there will be time to think on this later.

Marilena is an interesting one. She is an Eladdrin, studying the mystical arts as my mother had. She seems eager, almost to the point of being dangerous, but it is not my place to interfere in such matters. If only my mother were still alive, she might have a pupil in this one.

The time is late, and I want to get a good start soon to the mountains. I'm conflicted about what I should do. Who am I to turn down the quest of a god ? Melora will guide me in what I need to do, perhaps this arrangement will be more beneficial then I can tell at this point.

To sleep now though.

!!All along the Aqueduct

!!!Day One Upon the Aqueduct

Rayshenton gathers us together the next day. I try to make my farewells pleasant. Hoping to get to the mountains, I want to start soon, but Rayshenton says I am bound to the others by Pelor himself. I find this a bit far fetched as I'm not from this place, but he is instant that we re-make this Orb of Pelor and that we head towards the Fire Tip Mountains to seek council with the dwarves.

Melora indeed has shown me the path I should take, and I bow to Rayshenton's will. We are introduced to a dwarf who will bring us through the caverns of the mountain once we get there. I understand that he is a healer and all in the party welcome him knowing he could have aided us greatly in the battles of just the day before.

I wait with the dwarf, Hrunthernn , by the gates of the city. I suppose I should have made some small talk, but it seemed he was in prayer, and honestly my mind was on the journey ahead. The others from the village had goodbyes that needed to be said. Many of them were born and spent their lives here. It would be exciting to for them to go out on their own, frightening as well. I wonder if they know where their paths lie, and to which end they will meet ,each in turn.

Marilena is the last to arrive, and somehow I knew that was going to be the case. She of the three seems most excited to leave this place. She reminds me of myself when I first got to the outpost in the foothills. So young, and foolish.

The dragonborn seem to be a bit more realistic in their views of what may come. They are warriors, and raised with honor. I'm sure they will prove themselves worthy in the weeks to come.

Knowing that the aqueduct has run dry, and that there were various forces wandering about the foothills, I suggest we make our way via the aqueduct itself. This will allow us an ease of travel, and also an advantage of combat as well as being able to get the lay of the land. If there is a force out on the plain, we can stay hidden.

The others agree and we set off.

!!!Day Two Upon the Aqueduct

The day was relatively uneventful. Though the night proved otherwise. A dark shape was seen in the sky again, and this time I got a good look at it. A dragon, black from the looks of it.

I have since learned from my new friends that the great wyrm which protected this place had been called away. By whom, and to where, no one seems to know. All they know is that he's gone. No wonder why this evil incarnation his swooping above the plains.

I tell the others to try and hide themselves, Kiranth stumbles and makes a noise, but the dragon doesn't seem to notice, luckily. In the future I'll have to help him with his hiding. It may be the armor, but those spikes probably don't help much with his stealth.

Today we set out again and we notice a cloud of sorts on the horizon. It looks as if a small force are heading in the direction of the aqueduct. It may be coincidence, but I'll be keeping an eye on them.

After lunch, I see that the dust cloud on the horizon is getting a bit closer. My hopes of coincidence have gone by the wayside and now we are to make plans as we walk. I think an ambush is in order.

!!!Day Three Upon the Aqueduct

I'm to arouse everyone shortly and make for the place to which the small force will think to intercept us. Their movements seem to indicate that they are trying to get ahead of our position, climb up onto the aqueduct, and engage us in battle.

Our plan is to rush up to where they are to climb, and take them while we are at the advantage. It is a good plan, and we should easily be able to defeat them, though we are outnumbered. I plan on hitting the leader hard, hopefully it will break the will of the others.

My comrades are now searching through the remains of those that tried to intercept us. The plan worked flawlessly and we haven't a scratch to account for. Some in part thanks to Hrunthernn. It seems a small victory, but the others are pleased with the outcome. Personally, my worries are about the giants we will face in short time.

I'm not looking forward to having to face one of those. Not after the devastation they wrought on my home, and my parents.

On watch, the dragon appears again. This time, I help Kiranth and we all remain hidden as the dragon makes a few circle to try and determine what happened. Bruk suggested we hide the bodies under the aqueduct in case the dragon returned, and he was right.

He is gone now, back to sleep. Tomorrow brings us into the mountains, and then to find a path inside.

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