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Midhaf: GiveMeAHand

After returning from their assignment of checking out the Dwarven Monastery to warn the religious sect there and then collapse the tunnels on their way back, the party sought an audience with Captain Oban.

He met them at the Caverns Tavern and gave them a new address in which to ask for him. He did not like the thought of having this band of adventurers call upon him and draw a suspicious eye to his visitors. Most likely out of not wanting to be associated with them.

He listened to the news about the Monastery adventures and told the party that they are welcome to visit with the underworld personas and ensure that justice is accurately dispensed. He did warn that any actions taken against law abiding citizens or against the guard would be met with his immediate disapproval and the removal of the party's lives.

He then left the tavern, while a map with a big arrow remained on the seat that he had taken earlier. It showed a building in some section of the slums in which no doubt there was something going on. Perhaps it was merely that justice need be served.

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