Firetip Mountains

To the West of Midhaf Village, especially at sunset, the red minerals of the Firetip peaks reflect and glint like distant flames off the facets of the many peaks - polished and carved by generations of dwarves to catch the light to greatest effect.

These mountains have been claimed by the dwarves for generations upon generations. Long before Midhaf, the mountains were being tunneled and built into a vast dwarven empire. The ore and gems found in the vast underground chambers have created a very rich and busy people.

It has also drawn the eye of others as well.

Although the dwarves live in relative peace, they've been known to have unwanted visitors trying to infiltrate and take over their underground city. The giants have come around to test the strength of them, hoping that one day they may falter in their defense and become easy prey to swallow.

Other, less formidable enemies have been known to wander into unknown passages. Although they seldom live to tell the tale of their secret access to the city within.