Dwarven Monastery

An outcast religious sect of dwarves have made their home in a Monastery built just outside of the Firetip Caverns in the mountains. This vantage point gives them a commanding view over the mountains themselves, and upon the plain below along where the aqueduct runs to the village of Midhaf.

The exterior walls are at least fifty feet tall, and surround the inner temple on at least three sides. The walls extend around the perimeter, and then continue into the side of the mountain. There are two large doors that stand slightly ajar ahead with black smoke the rises up and into the air.

Through the doors can be seen a large ornate dome, which belongs to the temple within, and who knows what mysteries that lie beneath it.

Captain Oban has sent the party here, to get the help of the dwarves that reside here, and to close off the tunnels that connect the monastery to the Firetip Caverns to deter any of their enemies from finding or using them.