Caverns Tavern

Pull up a seat and grab an ale. Prepare for a tale, grab a bite, and involve yourself with some shady dealings.

The Caverns Tavern is the place where Bruk and Kiranth have made their second home. Amidst the ale and food, important decisions are made, and contacts are forged. Even though the party has a room upstairs, you will often find the two talking loudly with not less then two or three mugs of ale on the table.

Captain Oban has chosen to meet them here on occasion to discuss what is acceptable behavior while in his domain. He also often times slip them a job that needs doing. Whether it's on the up and up, or on the down low, the party often takes the matter into their hands and ensure a quick resolution.

Caverns Tavern: Kiranth's Favorite Place

Caverns Tavern