Captain Oban

Captain Oban

Captain of the Dwarven Guard. When the party entered the Firetip caverns, they witnessed the Captain slay a giant that had penetrated the great gate. He often wears a long burgundy cloak with patches designating his exulted rank. Captain Oban agreed to look the other way should the underworld bosses be inconvenienced but warns that justice will find any that harms a member of his guard.

Captain Oban is the Captain of the Defenders' Guild in the Firetip Caverns.

He owes allegiance to the Lord Mayor? of the Firetip Caverns.

The party first met up with him after entering the town through some abandoned mining tunnels; he was in the process of felling a Giant. They caught up later at the Caverns Tavern.

Oban also used the party as bait to draw out Cyprus, the underworld mastermind.