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Midhaf: Bruk

Bruk is a 27-year old male Dragonborn? Warlord? from the Village of Midhaf.

Growing up, Bruk excelled at sports; he tended towards leadership roles, preferring to coordinate the talents of others like his good friend Kiranth to maximum effect for the team, rather than be the star of the game himself. Regardless of how the sporting events turned out; however, Bruk was always quick to smile and congratulate the other team on a game well-played. Being Dragonborn, he grew in size quickly, often standing a full head taller than older Human children that made up the majority in town.

In his teenage years, he gravitated towards, and eventually joined the local militia. Rising quickly through the ranks through earnest hard work, intense study and unswerving (some would say boring) devotion to duty, he found himself assigned as a squad leader, then sergeant, and finally at the tender age of 23, a watch Captain.

Bruk has devoted considerable time over his short life to the study of History, and of military Tactics and the employ of arms. He is both fluent and literate in Common and Draconic.

Despite his somewhat singular focus to all things martial, Bruk is well-known in town (especially in the pub) and generally well-liked. His duties as watch Captain were his primary means of employment in Midhaf, and he often doubled as a constable.

Bruk is a worshipper of Bahamut? (though he fosters a profound respect for both Pelor and Moradin as Good gods who are historic protectors of the region), and is of Good alignment.


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