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Midhaf: ATestOfMettle

You defeated the goblin squad that crossed. A week or so passes as you gather the enemies and burn the corpses well outside of town. In the process of dragging them to the pyre, you find 440gp in gems and coin. You can convert this to any form of currency you wish - Midhaf has shop keeps that will gladly exchange gems for coin or v.v.

Many candles are lit at Pelor's shrine for the lost. The folks of Midhaf do not pause long for emotion, though, and even as the last grave is covered, construction of a proper defensive wall begins. A deep channel is cut around the town, the removed dirt mixed with water and sand and baked under the plain's sun into large bricks. These are mortared behind the channel - stacked 20 feet tall. From the ramparts, widows fasten long woven banners extolling the virtues of the lost, calling on the glory of Pelor to guide their souls, damning their enemies.

They fly freely in the hot wind, prayers and memory.

Within a month, construction is complete. The usual timeless rhythm returns. Until Rayshenton?, head cleric of the shrine, invites you to a private meeting. . .

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