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October 28, 2008, at 11:58 AM by me -
Added lines 1-30:
(:if foxpreview:)

(:fox newtopicform foxgroup={$Group} redirect={$$topicpage} formcheck=topic,heading,text,author pagecheck={$$topicpage}:)
(:foxpreviewtemplate "!!!!{$$topic}\n----\n\n{$$text}":)
(:input default request=1:)
(:input hidden target {$$topicpage} :)
(:input hidden template FoxTemplates.FormTemplates#newtopic :)
(:input hidden topicpage "name from filter":)
(:input hidden FoxCount {*$:FoxCount}:)
(:input hidden foxfilter FoxCount,FoxTopicName:)
(:input hidden csum 'New Topic added':)
|| ||'''Enter topic subject:'''||
|| ||(:input text topic size=78:)
|| ||'''Compose your post:'''||
|| ||(:guibuttons:)||
|| ||(:input textarea id=text name=text cols=80 rows=10 class=inputtext:) ||
(:if enabled EnableAccessCode:)
|| ||Enter value {$AccessCode} (:input text access size=3 class=inputtext:)(:input hidden accesscode {$AccessCode}:) <- Have you entered the code number?||
(:if enabled EnablePostCaptchaRequired:)
|| ||Enter value {$Captcha} (:input captcha class=inputtext:) <- Have you entered the code number?||
|| Author:||(:input text author value='{$Author}' size=30 class=inputtext:) (:input submit post '$[Create Topic]':) (:input submit preview '$[Preview]':) (:input submit cancel '$[Cancel]':)||
(:foxend newtopicform:)