Pargamites Son Ascends The Throne

The fearsome five return to Cragmire with the young nobles in tow. All told, losses are few and the community regains its calm, for a short while. Doren, Fergus, Bayne, Roywen and Adervane sit in the favor of the new King Pargamite. In confidence, he shares his disturbed dreams: fearful tales of battle and harrowing evil - and always the ancient shield of legend at the center of the visions.

Pargamite explains that the ancient evil beneath Cragmire is at work once more. Beardless had been asked by the old King to select five young nobles to replenish the ranks of the Defenders that live beneath the mountain. Instead, Beardless took almost 30 and intended Pargamite's son be killed - leaving the throne uncontested and without heir.

Corky's is closed to the public but not to you. Corky tells you you winding stories of the world beyond Cragmire and legends of the world beneath it. Only your stint with Beardless makes them believable. Even in death, though, Beardless has not been silent. You find a letter in his satchel hinting that he was not alone in his horrible plans.

Our protege is progressing well in his training. We must secure the "Good Will" of the captain before the unfortunate passing of the older Pargamite. I will meet you at the keep to split the gold - after the captain's cut.

So, even with the nobles back and Beardless dispatched, peace does last long. Rumors float, furtively whispered, of shadows in the night. Strange figures stalk through cragmire. Deep and frightful rumblings in the rock tremble the deepest levels of your ancient mountain home.