Finding Pargamite

Addervane, Doren, Fergus, Bayne and Roywen are returning from the closing of Corky's. They find Pargamite - son of Pargamite king of Cragmire - wounded in an ally. Beside him lies an ancient and ornate shield. Legend says this shield was once wielded by one of the Dwarven Defenders said to live deep within the mountain of Cragmire, forever serving to keep it safe from the evil that threatens from below.

As they approach Pargamite, he yells a strange curse and throws five strangely shaped stones. They scatter and he slowly fades away, disappearing.

Beardless, the king's arcane advisor, scarred in a magical accident that leaves him unable to grow the traditional Dwarven beard, comes rushing from around the corner. He instructs you to gather the stones and beckons you to follow him. He eventually leads you to two stone doors in the basement of one of the king's buildings. They open to reveal a long stair case downwards.

After descending many, many feet the six enter a round room. There are five doors. Eventually they open the doors using the strangely shaped stones. Behind each is a statute of a mythical dwarven defenders carved in rare stone. Each bears a real weapon, gleaming. A sixth door opens and several goblins come rushing through. The adventurers grab the weapons and defeat the goblins. In the confusion, Beardless slips away.

  • MW shield with +1d6 spikes
  • "The Persistent" crits on 19/20 without a re-roll.
  • "The Penitent" casts a cure minor for each enemy killed.
  • "The Belligerent" +2, grants immediate attack first time any foe strikes you.

The party continues; passes through a spiralling dungeon, crosses a lake on a small raft; defeats the sea hag that lives there. Eventually they come to a stone bridge passing thirty feet high over a cavern floor covered in crystals, three to eight feet tall. Beardless is here. Doren discovers that Beardless is evil - and without hesitation - shoves the powerful wizard from the bridge. Beardless, slipping, grabs at the lip and catches brief purchase. Doren (?) steps forward and severs his arm - sending him falling on to the crystals to his death.

Beardless dispatched, they navigate the rest of the dungeon, find the captive young nobles, Pargamite included. They walk out of the dungeon. As they exit, they re-arm the stone defenders, returning the weapons they've borrowed to their rightful owners. Their return to Cragmire is tempered by news of the King's passing.