Cragmire Herald Excerpts

Another in a long string of disappearances

Jergeuson Hammermite, young son of Jarl Hammermite and heir to the Hammermite council seat, vanished in what are now only too familiar circumstances. He joins twenty seven other victims -- all members of old and prominent Cragmire families. Jergueson slowly dissipated from sight in the middle of a cermonial family dinner. "He was there, jovial and ruddy-cheeked, and then . . . then he just slowly faded away," related Jergueson's mother, Henda Hammermite. "We hope for his return, and the return of all the other fine young dwarves" she continued, barely holding back the tears welling in her red, but gruff, eyes. Causes of these tragedies are still unclear. There was no comment from the council.

Ancient Local Pub to Close

The Trollbooth, one of the oldest pubs in Cragmire, announced that it would close it doors in two weeks. The Trollbooth's proprieter, Kegelitch 'Corky' Carmunth, announced that he would not sell the Trollbooth upon his retirement. When questioned on his closing of this Cragmire institution, Corky responded, "Ain't no damn whippersnapper runn'n my Trollbooth and muck'n with how I a'done it. So if you want another Trollbooth beer, just get your short self down here in two weeks or forget about it." We all know you can take Corky at his word - and this reporter will be there to celebrate this first hand.