MTP Driver for FreeBSD

This mtp driver is useful with MIDI hardware manufactured by Mark of the Unicorn. The Midi Express XT is what I have, and is known to work with this driver. They have other products too, and I don't know to what level they are compatible with each other. The sysex specification refers to the "Midi Time Piece", which must be some other product with a similar sysex implementation. This is how I named this driver, mtp.

I have made no attempt whatsoever to be consistent or compatible with the Voxware sound drivers, or any other driver. I assume that most people who actually own a Midi Express XT have other outboard synth gear and have long since outgrown the cheesy gamer cards supported by Voxware.

This driver uses the ppbus feature of FreeBSD-3.0. If you are running FreeBSD-2.2.x, this won't work for you without some hacking.

The initial version of this driver doesn't know anything about timecode. For now, you would have to use operating system timers for sequencing applications. I am already working on supporting timecode.

John Galbraith
Last modified: Fri Nov 13 12:01:40 MST 1998