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[D-Krons - BETA EP]
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The BETA EP showcases a few of the tracks that were produced when I was a part of D-Krons from Summer 1999 to Winter 2000. The cross-pollenation of musical styles brought about a very different sound than previous D-Krons works. I played bass and guitar on these tracks as well as recorded and mixed them.

Title MP3 Info Description
grumpy triphop (less grumpy version) 5.7MB [6:14] 128Kbit 44.1KHz This song started with a sequence of synth and drums from Harrison, who also played an electric bass sound on his keyboard live during the song. I added guitar played through a bunch of effects (distortions, tempo-synced delay), and Dan rounded out the sonic space with some Juno 106 pads. This is the smoothest sounding take and mix, but I think it lacks some of the feeling from the More Grumpy take.
vegetable 5.8MB [6:06] 128Kbit 44.1KHz Cultured porno music. Dan lays down the beats using MixMan, Harrison grooves it up slowly with a Rhodes patch on his keyboard, and I pin the thing down with my four string electric bass.
grumpy triphop (more grumpy version) 5.6MB [6:06] 128Kbit 44.1KHz Same song concept as the other take of Grumpy, but short of some technical difficulties with the digital audio workstation (pops and clicks), this is my favorite take and mix. This mix is a bit grittier and less wandering than the other. A lot of work was done to salvage this take, including importing pieces from other takes of the song.
live with many small functions [25+ mins] on CD only Recorded at WPI on October 11, 1997. This is a live collaboration between Many Small Functions (when I was in that band and not D-Krons) and a different incarnation of D-Krons (Dan, Harrison, John Mock and Nate Howells).
Urban Underpants 3.0MB 128Kbit 44.1KHz (Previously Unreleased, not on CD) Recorded around the same time as the Beta sessions. Harrison makes the beats and samples, I play fretless bass and two guitar overdubs, Dan plays keys. Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year, it's just not widely reported.
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