Subject: Ahhhh....

From Mon Feb 13 00:00:56 EST 1995
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From: (Josh Brandt)
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Subject: Ahhhh....
Date: 12 Feb 1995 03:57:05 GMT
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Oh wpi.flame, how I've missed you...

smiling in contentment, another evening of stress happily vented right away...

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From Mon Feb 13 00:00:58 EST 1995
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From: (Aaron J. Millis)
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Subject: Re: Ahhhh....
Date: 12 Feb 1995 08:11:25 GMT
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Josh Brandt ( wrote:

while reading through your lovely flame i was gonna respond to a spot and comment how you left an 's' off one of the words in it, but after going back through it, i couldn't find it . . .

but i am pretty sure i saw it . . .


Mike " the victim" Sanders and Pat " the conspirator" McManus