Subject: Repetitious Postings

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Subject: Reptitious Postings
Date: 13 Feb 1995 19:01:13 GMT
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I've received mail with concerns for recent postings. Obviously, it's the magic related stuff; both all the postings and the threats of violence which followed. I subscribe to and wasn't aware that there was any problem here, but people appear to have different flashpoints.

I think the posters have been reasonable in stating in the subject line that the posting is long and also describing the content. That gives the reader every opportunity to skip on to the next message if they don't want to read a long message or don't care about the subject. A news posting is about the expense of a email delivery to a single recipient, so this doesn't add up to much cost. I would have thought that people could just skip on to other things and get on with their lives.

The frequence of posting is something of a problem, but appears to be forced by the auction-like sale. I don't want to see someone post daily about some item for sale, but I can understand updated postings if, for instance, someone had a moving sale and was selling various items and wanted to adjust the listing as time went on. I don't have a problem with occasional repeated postings in these conditions, and I hope people would be tolerant of these situations if they don't become chronic.

Do people think that the messages have become too intrusive? Should there be a (or ??) group for these types of things, leaving for non-repetitive postings? An auctioneer might post a single, short message to "auction of xyz starting on today". That way, people who absolutely couldn't stand the repetition could read only and still know whether something they might want was showing up.

Mike " the victim" Sanders and Pat " the conspirator" McManus