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One time when I was visiting Ruth and Edith Rhodes, Edith said something to me about my taking after my mother who was always visiting the sick and looking after the needs of others. She said she could always see Mom with two little daughters in tow, and that no wonder I did the same! That reminded me of the time that Leotia Daniels up next door was so sick that Mom sent food over. Leotia (Ross's mother) became well and thought she would like to do something for Mom so she sent over stack and stacks of her favorite magazine. But they were the "pulp" variety-- "True Story," and Mom stashed them in a closet for a reasonable length of time and then they hit the landfill! Dodi and I did try a couple and couldn't believe anyone would want to read such stuff. Of course, Mom was on the Library Board and we had books from there that kept us plenty busy. I remember, however, that the State Librarian decreed that the Bobbsey Twins were silly reading and they were all removed from the shelves of the Sheridan Library!


And then there was 4-H. Mom was our leader and we had a new club project every year, starting with something called "Cooking I." We had many county-wide affairs and Mom made the uniforms for the entire club-- from white bedsheets, with green embroidery and double-breasted fronts up and down which marched the name of our club-- "Willing Workers." One time the County Agent, Rex Warren (he's still living in Corvallis), came out and Mom proceeded with the meeting as planned with Dorothy Bronson and someone else doing a demonstration on making homemade biscuits. Doubt it Dorothy had watcher her mom at home, and to Mom's horrory, she stirred in just a little milk, moistened a little wad of dough in the center of the bowl, carefully extracted it, and made TWO biscuits and carefully bakes the two precious morsels and served them to Mr. Warren! But Mom didn't give up-- one time Dorothy (Morrisey, this time) and I were the demonstration team who went to the County Fair with our subject, "Washing Dishes." Won at the county and ended up at the Sate Fair for a week, staying in the dorm and having a marvelous time! But the clinger was the time we were at the Yamhill County Fair (held in the lower part of the McMinville Park) and watched Lois Magnuson (your Aunt Lois) and her partner doing a camp cookery lesson on strawberry shortcake. They even went down to the little stream as part of their lesson and washed their strawberries! Mom was thinking about that later as she watched the judges (who, of course, gave them first prize) eating those strawberries knowing that the stream was a swere runoff-- things weren't so carefully monitored in those days, even in city parks!


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