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Reminiscences of and for the Family

And then there was the handsome Clifford. He was the oldest son of the widow Francis whose husband had been killed while working for the railroad. He left her with a brood of nine and that family just seemed to court disaster. One of them was blinded while dynamiting fish (illegal, of course). The girls had many marriages, all disasters, and one of the boys married a lovely girl, but she was in the state hospital more than out. And then there was Clifford. He stayed with us when I was in late grade school and he in high. He had beautiful blue eyes and wavy black hair and every girlfriend I had was madly in love with him. Dorothy Morrisey dubbed a certain pillow on the davenport (a sort of bolster) "Clifford," and used to sit and hug the pillow, moaning ecstatically. Especially when he was in the room and especially unaware of the hidden meanings of things. Poor Clifford married a poor sad young girl and entered the Navy. And disaster-prone as the family was, a torpedo hit the ship when he had gone below to have a piece of pie and he was the only one on the whole ship who was killed. His sad-sack little wife wheeled her baby through the Phil Sheridan Parade clad only in a diaper and the baby died later of pneumonia. Sad family.


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