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The "Waldersee" sign was hanging over the gate that came down the barnyard first. While I was growing up, it was mostly hanging in the garage and the yearly car licenses grew in rows below it. The garage's south wall was distended outward from the bottom somewhat-- various of us had urged it that way, but Aunt Dodi did the best job of it once. Mom was very understanding about hitting the garage door-- she had evidently put out the barn wall once when she was learning to drive. She was one of the first girls in Sheridan to learn to drive in her early teend, and she sailed into that middle section of the bard and went right on through!

I have another memory about that old garage-- one time Dodi and I got into trouble for something and decided to scramble to the top of the rafters in the garage for safety. Dumb move. Mom pulled me off the car as I was clambering up (Oh, I remember, we were wading in the duck pond just about where the Muldoons had their chickens penned), and I had a whacking right there. But that gave Dodi time for a getaway, and she made it to the bathroom and locked herself in. The bathroom was a little slit of a room located just about where the west porch off the kitchen window is. She had done such a great job of locking herself in that she couldn't push the catch and let herself out again-- much wailing and importuning later, Daddy finally put the ladder up the the window and rescued the little darling. They were all so relieved that she never did ger HER spanking.


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