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Reminiscences of and for the Family

Waldersee, before it was Waldersee, was a donation Land Claim filed by Solomon and Suzannah Eades. They had a little clapboard house and sometime later someone must have enlarged it and put a basement under the back part. Before G'pa Gutbrod married Anna Maria Theresia Pfeiffer (her real name was von Heckenlauer, she only went by the name of her step-father), he had the present house built in front of the oold place.

As a kid, I remember the OLD house, probably the MIDDLE house. There was a huge kitchen in the back over the basement, doors open to both the east and west. We must have used tons of Horlick's Malted Milk, because Mom had a row of the HUGE cans on top of the cupboard and used them for canisters, big square things that must have been fearfully heavy to get up and down. There was a big round kitchen table with a tablecloth on it always. Once I remember being under the table when a tramp came to the door. Mom fed him something and I can still remember those big old worn-out high-top shoes under the table with me. I was too scared to let anyone know that I was there. We had lots of tramps, but mostly they ate sitting on the steps outside. Heard grownups remarking that tramps put special marks at houses where they would be fed, always looked and looked out by the gate to try to discover that mark!


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