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Reminiscences of and for the Family

I (Barbara) was born in Gopher Valley. Mom and Daddy were married in Portland (St. James Lutheran Church on the Park blocks) and honeymooned (not intentionally, but more of that later) in Woodland, Washington. They returned to live for a while with Uncle Jake and Aunt Anna (Brandt) Schatz on the east edge of Sheridan in a house that is now part of the Federal Prison property (known as the Evans place). They then moved to what was later the Hildebrandt place in Gopher Valley (one of the Grauer boys owns it now). The farm belonged to Daddy's father. Mom wanted to move to Waldersee, the George Gutbrod farm on Mill Creek Road, but Daddy was adamant that he would not be beholden to his father-in-law. It took her a while to persuade him, but she did it-- I was nine months old when they moved to Waldersee, and, of course, Georgia, Bill Jr., and John were born there. (John actually in the McMinville hospital-- but that's because he's almost of another generation...)

Everyone says I was born in a chicken house, but it was indeed a house at the time of my birth. (Later, when the nice two-story house and basement was built, my birthpalce did become a chicken house, but there's no trace left of it any more.) Dr. Barr came out to the house the day I was born; Mom made bread in the morning (rather a nice touch for one whose maiden name was Gutbrod-- "Good Bread"), and I've always heard tell that Daddy was pressed into service and fainted dead away during the proceedings! I never discussed this with Daddy, but it came out in a conversation with Mom once (or twice!). Mr. and Mrs. Amacher (she was a darling little Swiss lady) told me that she had babysat me the day that Uncle Henry Schatz had his sale before moving to Canby and that I, and nine months old, was running all over the place! (Uncle Henry Schatz married Aunt Barbara Gutbrod, G'pa Gutbrod's sister, after whom I'm named.)


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