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Reminiscences of and for the Family

Since this is a Christmas present, I should finish off with a memory or two about Christmas. Our family gift unwrapping was always Christmas Eve, and since there was a Children's Program at church on Christmas Eve, the unwrapping was deliciously late. Grandparents and aunts and uncles brought gifts to the church tree too, but I seem to remember we usually unwrapped them all at home. Our tree almost always came from our own place. There was a ceremony on my birthday of the tree cutting and it was up from that day until way after Christmas. Since the only "boughten" decoration was the box of tangerines, they were hanging on the tree until they were almost petrified. We hung them with heavy thread and if course it cut through the tender skins, so we found new places to drive the holes, and pretty soon we fashioned little hammocks to hold the slowly decaying fruit. Sometimes we strung popcorn, sometimes cranberries, and we always had lights. Never twinkling lights. There were even a few precious remaining tiny candle-holders that clipped on the tree, but they were NEVER lighted. It was good, and I pray you all have happy memories too.

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