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Dawn, I like the bebe names.  How 'bout

Itsal Ives

It works better if you say it fast and cackle.

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  • Dance Steps


    • Basic Box
    • Underarm Turn
    • 2nd Position Break
    • 5th Position Break
    • Cuban Walk (rock step)
    • Rio Grande Etc.
    • Shouulder-to-Shoulder
    • Left break to Alemana (sp)

    Dance Steps


    • Basic walk
    • Promenade

    Dance Steps

    Foxtrot Routine

    • Cambio-Side Break(sp)-Progressive Box
    • 2 Forward into Promenade
    • Crossbody-Natural Turn (right)
    • Backward Walk-Reverse
    • 2 Rock Turns into Promenade
    • Into Quarter Turns (outside) into
    • Promenade & From Check/Cambio
    • Twinkle - Promenade Pivot
    • REPEAT

    • Promenade to Corkscrew (sp) ?
    I had a neat idea that just occured to me while trying to go to sleep.

    Use a Super cooled Super-conducting ring for a power storage device.
    This is already done but keeping the ring cool is a problem.
    -First make a ring of superconducting material and place it inside a 
    	container that has solid state magnets all around.
    -Fill the container with a coolant enough to drop the SC-ring down to 
    	a SC temperature.
    -The ring is now floating inside the container because it reflects all 
    	the magnetic fields.
    -Evacuate the container so there is nothing but vacume inside.
    -The Vacume won't conduct heat and the ring won't heat up
    -It will remain Super-conductiong and energy can be put into it and 
    	retreived from it by induction.