Troll and Katie's Wedding Page

Kris Pearson & Katie Horning

September 21, 2002

Graphic provided by Zandiko Productions

Welcome to the wedding home page of Kris Pearson and Katie Horning. Please use this page as a reference to make plans, to learn more about us, and to help with any future events you may be planning. This webpage is currently under construction as it will be from now until the big day. Maybe even beyond to post photos of the wedding and honeymoon(s). So check back often.

Well, Now we've been officially Kris and Katie Pearson for nearly 2 months now and I humbly apologize for the lack of updates and photos. We've just been enjoying the copious amount of free time we've got now that the wedding is done and over with. Now we get to actually enjoy just being married. Kris is busy writing some photo album software for the page so we can finally post at least some of the hundreds of photos that were taken during the wedding and honeymoon. HUNDREDS!! If you happen to drop by the house though, we do have many hardcopies from the reception cameras. You are more than welcome to peruse and see how silly our friends and family can be once they've got a little Murphy's in them :)

(maybe, Katie, you should use some of that "copious free time" to write out thank you notes for all of those generous gifts that your guests bestowed upon you. Um yeah. but for now, THANK YOU!!!)

Items already included in this page:
Wedding Invitation
Save the Date Info
Registry Info
Driving Directions
Wedding Services Directory
Katie's Wedding Journal

Items to be included in this page:
Wedding Day Schedule
Wedding Party Photos & Bios
And maybe some mushy stuff ;)


Katie Horning
Last updated May 7, 2002