Welcome to Katie's Homepage!

Well, it's been awhile since I've touched this and the last time I tried to update stuff, the hard drive on which this is stored went kerblooey. Let's hope THAT doesn't happen again! Must remember to back things up. Duh!

Anyways, a lot has been happening in my life the past year and I didn't want to let things slide. So I figured trying to keep things in a more public environment would help my memory by having others prompt me as well. Also, if people want to know about me or my wedding or my puppy or whatever, I can now say, "Go look at my website" and there may even be some useful info there. Keep in mind this is a work in progress where progress occurs only when I've a slow period at the office.

Personal Pages:
About My Life
About My Career (resume)
About My Wedding
About My Family
About My Friends
About My Puppy

Pages I visit nearly every day:
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
My Daily Dilbert
Worcester Weather
The Calorie King


Katie Horning
Last updated March 25, 2002