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First off, if you're looking just for my resume, go here: My resume

Oh, and if you're actually looking for my theatre experience, go here: My theatre resume

But if you want to know more about my professional career since leaving WPI, read on!

Currently I am working as an architectural drafter at Cutler Associates, a design/build firm located in bee-oo-tee-ful dowtown Worcester. Anybody in the WPI community out there may recognize some of the work we've done. Good luck trying to figure out how a WPI ME/Theatre geek got into architecture. Well, actually it's not too hard if you look at the dates on my resume. Desparate times call for desparate measures but sometimes the best path is the one you never even knew existed before. And sometimes, just sometimes, your temp agent will know you better than yourself :)

My first job in architecture as a drafter was at Goodman Associates (their web site is not at all up-to-date). Goodman is a small firm housed above a crafts shop in the Christmas Tree Shops Plaza in Shrewsbury. If I had my way, I would still be there. The best falafel is sold right up the street at Little M's in Northboro. Yum! However, things went a bit kerblooey and most people in our little design family got scattered to the winds.

My first real job upon graduating for WPI was as a "documentation engineer" at Parlex Corporation (they've a nicer website) up in Methuen, MA which might as well be the end of the earth as far as I'm concerned. Let's say that they did a great job of providing the much needed disillusionment about the working world when one is fresh out of college. That place had it all, sexual harassment, chemicals all over the floor, scary guys that call themselves Jojo. The cherry-on-top was being laid-off while on disability leave. But by then I was just so happy to leave, it was a bonus I actually got paid to do so.

Someday perhaps I will get back into manufacturing. I've kind of given up on any dreams of working for Jim Henson productions or becoming a great actress. Though you never know. Maybe when I'm old enough to actually look like the roles I played in college I can pursue that further. Become the next Kathy Bates! But for right now, I'm actually happy where I am. I'm working 2 miles away from my house in a creative enviroment and I actually get okay money. But I still refuse to learn golf and become one of the Worcester Corporates.


Katie Horning
Last updated March 25, 2002