Here goes [last update- 6/10/03]:

There is a lot here but this is where I get to ramble.

I am the youngest of 6 children (or 7 depending on how you look at it. Hi Andy!). I was born August 17, 1978, grew up in Goffstown, New Hampshire, and graduated from Goffstown Area High School in 1996. I liked living in a small town.

After high school, I moved to Worcester, Massachusetts and attended WPI. Originally my goal was to get a Mechanical Engineering degree and be on my way.
While at WPI I did a lot of theatre and ended up loving it. Don't get me wrong I had done theatre through-out high school and with a community theatre group in NH while in high school, but this was different. This was what I wanted to be doing. So I figured what the hell. I got another degree. This did take me five years instead of four, but if I had the disposable income I would be a professional student. I love doing the school thing... So here I am with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering concentrating in Mechanical Design and Humanities and Arts concentrating in Drama/Theatre.

While at WPI, not all I did was schoolwork... Actually if you hear any rumors about me from college they are incorrect and non-factual. I swear...

I know I talked about theatre but I didn't really talk about theatre. Masque is the official theatre group on campus at WPI. [President: 2000-2001; Vice President-Master Carpenter: 1999-2000]
MWRep is a non-profit organization that does shows on and around the WPI campus. Lastly, Sunburns does summer theatre at WPI. I've done theatre with all of them. Also at WPI, I was a brother (yeah I know the plumbin' ain't right) in Alpha Psi Omega (national theatre honor fraternity) [President: 1999-2000]

I also played Rugby in college and found that I liked it a lot; I miss that too. There is something about an incredibly violent game where you drink with your opponents following the game that just makes sense to me. We did pretty well for a club team and ended up playing a lot of good games.

And for anyone that might know what I am talking about: Shoot the boot, baby!

In May of 2001 I graduated from WPI and moved on to get a job in the real world (what a mistake). I work for a company in Marlboro, MA. HBM, Inc. is a world producer and distributor of load cells and other strain gage sensors. I am a Mechanical Engineer doing New Product Development and Production Maintenance. I manage my own projects, maintain performance on product lines and works with a team of technicians in order to product new technology. Most people hear this and say, "oh, do you have an office?" Actually I do, and a window, although I have seen people with shoe collections bigger than my office. What I do is kind of exciting, strike that, interesting if you are an engineer or enjoy geek like topics but for most people- they don't care too much.
I do get to travel from time to time with my job. The most exciting place has been a week in Darmstadt, Germany. God, was that good beer.

In May of 2002 (right before two weeks in Europe) I finally moved out of Worcester and into Westborough. Not far, but a big change. I enjoy the new place but will be moving again in late summer 2003.
I spent two weeks in Europe last spring and can now say there is nowhere I would rather be than standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower right as the sun goes down. It is breathtaking. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. For me the Eiffel Tower has always had a certain je ne sais quoi, but seeing it was...unbelievable. There it was and everybody was just walking by it like they had seen it a million times (which they probably had but...) and I was frozen still. Anyway...

THE FUTURE (as of June 2003):
I have been thinking about grad school. I hope to take the GREs in the fall and apply to grad schools for the 2004 academic year. I would like to start with a Master's in Mechanical Engineering and perhaps one day you can call me Dr. Foss.

I have also recently been trying to be more active. After college I stopped doing a lot of my more active activities. Mostly I have been looking for something to do now that I am not playing Rugby. If you have an idea let me know.