Purgatory Chasm State Reservation

Purgatory Road
Sutton, MA 01590

This is not an official park web site, this is merely my attempt to let you all know about a great place!
All information sources are noted where applicable. Enjoy!

[sign image] Purgatory Chasm is a bold
and unique landscape.  Hikers beware of the dangers of this trail.
Slippery and deceiving rocks.  The trail is one half mile long and
climbing is involved - hikers should be physically fit.  Help keep the
chasm in a natural state.  Do not carry in food or beverage.

Such is the introduction to a memorable place. Purgatory Chasm is a state park area, and it is a great place to go picnic and barbecue, spend the day following trails in the woods and climbing rocks, and generally be goofy and have a good time. My friends and I have an annual end-of-summer picnic there, started while many of us were still students at WPI. End-of-summer to us means mid to late August, because the WPI school year started at the end of August/beginning of September.


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