JER (i'm huge)

{A HUGE BW photo of Jer}

I'm Jer. Otherwise known as
Futhermore known as
AKA Dru'el the Chaotic BS B.S. etc.etc.
formerly of the Worcester Discordian Society, Cabal of the Unemployed
now representing the Worcester Discordian Society, 17th Deformed Crutch of Eris

I'm a POPE of ERIS but aren't we all? All Hail Discordia! -><-

Did I mention I was a founding member of GweepCo?

I've got some links to some music pages I'm interested in.

When I have free time, I have some hobbies to keep me busy. Especially programming

'Ere's my not-quite-so-raw link list, and the sitemap of my site and some delicious links. num num

Are you looking for a pain that will linger?
101 Things you would NOT want to pass through your urethra

Being a geek, some of my friends have pages, too. Though whether that reflects more on me or them, I'm not sure...

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Easter and Bunnies don't Mix

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