Sound Files

339 kb Listen in while Boston's WAAF gives away 100 grand.
641 kbListen to this guy get busted hard by Savage Radio
586 kbDon't go here.
1,072 kbA girlfriend dresses like Yoda.
730 kbI think this guy has a problem with his computer.
605 kbBill Clinton sings Bimbo #5
512 kbBritish Telcom shows us how to handle a rude caller.
1,142 kbA chicken order. Kind of stupid if you ask me.
352 kbEvery had the urge for some Dickens Cidar?
770 kbHi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to bed we go.
1458 kb Jack in the box order.
278 kbThe Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz tell us how it really is.
724 kb911 call recorded for your listening pleasure.
1518 kbKerpal said you kicked my dog.
1677 kbThai food order