So you want some movies?


A viagra commercial.

Miller lite twist to open commercial.

AGFA camera commercial.

Fox bowling commercial.

Diet Coke commercial.

I don't know what this commercial is for, but dude... it is funny!

French deodorant commercial

Yet another foriegn camera commercial.

Yet again, I'm not sure what the hell this is for, but it a really cool use of hands and shadows.

Good commercial for

Japp energy bar, Extra energy that will push you further!

Very good Rolo Commercial.

Sports Center security commercial.

Just Juice shows us how to shake it up.


Friends forever on the soccer field

Good to see the audience get involved in a cycling race

Oh, the bleechers of a soccer game

We should give this gymnast a raise.

This is good. This kid at a basketball game gets wacked in the head from across court.

Ready, set, GO!

The best part of this is the guy who just watches it happen.

This guy trys to break a bunch of slats with his head, but doesn't quite make it.

Javelin thrower shows us the new way to throw.

This runner completely misses the start of this race

Some guy skies off his roof.

A soccer player kicks the crap out of a ref when the ref gives him a yellow card.


I guess this horse didn't like getting branded. Can you blame him?

Didn't know the circus could be so dangerous!

Watch a cat fly into a wall.

Watch a bull pull the pants off some poor bastard.

More Videos!

Ever had a bad day at work?

Let these guys show you how you should handle a Keg.

Some guy gets his family jewels connected.

An alien sings "I will survive."

This one has to be the best. Some loser falls down right into some girls ass.

This one is just as good. This guy lights his fart and burns himself in the process.

This guy farting has game man.

Alter boy sets his hair on fire with a candle. I think my brother did this one as well... :)

Before you accuse me of putting porn on the internet, please watch this to the end.

Watch this automated plane show the world how reliable it can be.

I don't know why, but some guy wacks another in the back of the head with a shovel.

Some guy in a crapper gets knocked over.

Watch a woman get pissed on my a statue.

Some girl flashes the camera at the republican convention.