This graphic is supposed to represent me. Although the gentlemen pictured above looks very little like me, the title of the gif was "talking dork". Fitting, I think.

Some Friends

Welcome to the slowest loading page on my website. You can find links to some of my friends' pages below. I've attempted to find an appropriate graphic for each individual that reflects something relevant about his or her personality. As I'm sure many will agree, I've probably failed miserably. For those friends missing here, I haven't forgotten you. I'm simply still looking for a graphic with which to misrepresent you somehow. Fear not.

Joe Amato: The Almighty Vanguard. Protector of Neptune City.

Alistair Barnett: A Canadian

Marybeth Miskovic: Disco queen, and equine doctor to be. Unfortunately, I could find no discoing horses.

Dani LaBrecque: She-Ra, Princess of Power. Pure and simple.

Dana Schlosser: The dragon. A man who does not hold the cord. Although dragon graphics are plentiful on the web, I chose to represent him using a green, fantasy creature smoking a bowl. See disclaimer above. Also keeper of the continuing saga known as The Plan Opera.

Jessica Sands: Thespian, Jill of all trades, terminally happy and has the ability to disappear leaving only her smile.

Ken Danila: Few dare challenge him to mortal kombat. Behold the fury that is the man in the 'Frank' jacket.

Dan Dan Martins: A man among men. Do not sing to him when he's sleeping lest he turn into this guy.

Dan Afonso: Lightning quick with cat-like reflexes, he saves the world from villainy, while still leaving time to say "Woo! Woo!" to the ladies.


Dawn Varacchi: The one and only Go-Go Girl. Keeper of The Eventual Blog.

Tom Russell: The Blue Gargantuan.

Karen & David Smiley: A married couple. Enthusiasts of all things smiley. (Note the web address)

Tara Halwes: A saucy dish of a woman, with a side of extreme cool. Only uses her powers for good.

Chad Council: Mild mannered programmer by day, Casanova Party King by night.

Seann Ives: A man so cool, he has single handedly stopped the complete melting of the polar ice caps. Fulfils all cool stereotypes. He even rides a motorcycle. (Although I'm not sure if he has ever participated in a drag race game of chicken to the edge of Heartbreak Ridge)

Tom Guyette: A guy who can pretty much do anything. Or at the very least, will find someway to get it done.

Justin Cole: Master of all things fantasy. And keeper of weapons. LOTS of 'em. Especially sharp things. The man has a custom made Klingon Bat'leth. Seriously.

Jeff Holdsworth: Really cool guy training to be a Navy Seal. I break a sweat walking home from the train station.

Tom Carr: Many years ago on a clear moonless night, after traveling thousands of light years, Tom's escape capsule plummeted to Earth. After acclimating to life on this strange new planet, Mr. Carr realized that he could use his special skills and abilities to save the world from the forces of evil...and screw with people's heads.

Todd Dibble: Truly one of the nicest guys around. One day he is going to wake up, find himself in his backyard barbecuing for his six kids while they play on their slip n' slide; he will be really psyched. Also chief organizer of the Tuesday Night Dinner.

Thomas Walker Fry VIII: Number eight in a long line of Thomas Walker Fry's...(I guess by the time you hit five in a row or so, it kind of becomes expected) Loves his TiVo almost as much as I do, co-founded his own Internet solutions company at the tender age of 19, and has a penchant for the ladies... No better way to represent him than with an old guy in a hickory rockin' chair, playin' banjo and gnawing on a wheat stalk is there?


Heather Sheldon: Her powers akin to those of Dan Afonso, they can often be found together comparing battle strategies. The main difference between them is while Dan shoots fire-like energy beams out of his hands with little glowing or overt physical pretense beforehand, her whole body erupts in flame directly before, positively identifying to her opponent that they are about to receive a grade A ass kicking.