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Some Cool Stuff

Although the Internet has historically been used for some profoundly boring and useless activities such as relaying business to business information, providing online purchasing of products with real-time customer support, and allowing users to access up-to-date information on any subject instantly from almost anyplace in the world, the World Wide Web does have some positive functions as well. In this section can be found some examples of sites that really represent the ideals and principles on which the Internet was originally founded. Rotating kiss lunchboxes, interactive games challenging savvy youngsters to compete with each other as pimps in contests to collect the most hard workin' ladies of the night… and of course, porn.

Furious George: Everyone's favorite little monkey who left the jungle so many years ago with the man in the yellow hat cuts a swath of terror across the US on a cross-country crime spree.

Okseriously: An advice website created and run by charming, suave, good-looking intellects whom are experts in all areas of knowledge. Just updated very, very sporadically. Hey, I'm not the only lazy one. Please send complaints to the Almighty Vanguard.

Pimp War: A fun, educational game for the kids.

Rotating KISS Lunchbox: My very special page dedicated to this very special rotating metal lunch box.