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Some Really Weird & Scary Stuff

While the Internet can be used for some really uplifting and useful purposes (i.e. - rotating KISS lunchboxes), it is also home many thousands of loons who are just a little bit too cuckoo for their Coco Puffs. Below, I present some examples of the more interesting, scary, weird, or just downright bizarre places on the World Wide Web.

Chick Publications: Ok, this site? SCARY. Basically this is a company that creates little fundamentalist biblical comic book "tracts" and spreads them around bus stations, airport bathrooms, taxis, etc... Basically, places you should never be picking up some strange paper object anyway. Pretty much, they believe 99.9% of all people are one heart attack away from an eternal trip to the lake of fire. Including all Catholics, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, Homosexuals, American Indians, kids who trick or treat, people who listen to rap, and well... pretty much everyone.

 POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy: You know, some things just ain't right. Thus, I present:


Now, this is a really whacked out site in which they try to get you to believe that Mr. Lee over here has been artificially impregnated using super keen cutting edge technology. Full of diagrams, EKG's and interviews. However, if you search real deep, they admit it's <gasp> FAKE! Apparently, they are trying to make some sort of social statement. Um... Ok.


Bangedup: Ok, you know how sometimes you will get emailed some really bizarre mpeg, graphic, or sound file from a co-worker or some old high school friend? And you wonder, "Where in the hell did Janice find this photo of a guy suspending an anvil from his pierced eyelids?!" Well, is one very likely place. This place is a repository of some of those most messed up stuff on the web. Most can only view it for a few minutes before they run and hide under their beds. Myself? I tend to stay away. You know, nightmares and such.


Knockers The Klown: According to a recent press interview - "Miss Ducky DooLittle is a former peep show girl turned erotic writer, fetish model, and performance artist. Ducky began clowning about five years ago. 'I decided I would start clowning because I know that everybody hates clowns. I decided that if I was going to go out socially and people wanted to see me, they would have to deal with the clown. It made me a little uglier.' Her clown persona is Knockers, a rude-talking, topless, cake-sitting, not-your-kid's-birthday-party-type clown."

She has her own website. Scary? Funny? Bizarre? Sweet and Wholesome? You decide.