My quotes:

It's true ;)

Lace up... mmm, *anything* really... pants, shirts, yeah, that's grrrreat 

Having a crush is one of the most tangible and intense feelings... based 
in uncertainty... what is it about being off-balance that is so 

Foreplay... in all its many forms... done right, its never really ever 
over, nor should it be.

"I want a woman who makes my blood race and my heart pound.
Eyes to consume me, smile to inspire me, touch to set me on fire."
                                           - me

Part of the joy of being in a relationship is letting someone you care
about and trust write on the pages of your book.

Don't underestimate the power and thrill of anticipation followed by
sweet, sweet surrender.  too many people are only after the
climax... there are reasons that novels are not 5 pages long... hint: all
the enjoyment is buried in the text waiting for discovery.  taking the
journey makes getting to the climax inestimably better regardless of the
number of pages in between.  the more the better.

Sometimes you have to learn about yourself by reading what other people 
write in your book.  the more you learn the more you can offer to those 
you care about.

That whole "Jerry Maguire" bullshit about 'you complete me' is a cute and
sentimental little idea, but it just doesn't work (period).  relationships
are all about individuality, lose yours and you lose the relationship.

"I" words come up alot in relationships... i just mentioned one.. another
essential one is independance... food for thought :)

Morality is the balance of impulses under the control of reason.               
Willpower is key.  if you feel guilty, there are two solutions: 
1)change your actions 
2)change your morals.  
You decide...

I had the opportunity to learn about trust recently.  its the most
force in the world... love is made out of it; still, its the most fragile
concept.  Easy to take for granted and not a good idea to mess with.
Be wary of the message you deliver, be honest in the delivery.

God, please preserve my faith, send me grace to forgive, and wisdom to
trust once more.  Hold these keys and comfort me.  Jesus, help me to
persevere and shelter me.  St Michael, destroy my demons before they can
coalesce to haunt me.

By Request:

"Actually he has a small following, a harem, if you will."
   -Katie Bouffard re: Me

Why wasn't i aware of this...?  Don't answer that!