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Climbing "The Old Man"

Practicing in upstate NY... multi-pitch climbs are about efficiency and turnover. Here's the view from Rt. 3, our route is on the right side of the cliff. Typical "before" shot of the group, also climbing, Chantel (not pictured) Oh... and... Hi Katie :) (our non-climbing companion) Camp was carefully laid out and we were eating by umm... midnight! Good thing the folks at the campground weren't asleep when we finally pulled up. Nothing worse than getting an itch when stretching for that crevice just out of reach... yeah i want some bug-dope! Got the gear, got the liquid, time to hit the trail. Here's Matt and myself. If your pack looks anything like this, you have too much gear :) Matt and I, after hauling all that extra gear to the base of the route... Lesson Learned. There were definitely no paths on the way up to the starting point. Three pitches of nice granite arches, lots of stuff to hang on to and not quite vertical. Clipped into my anchor, ready to belay the leader. Chantel finds her way in front of the lens. Those three guys are Ben, Zach, and Issac on thier way up behind Matt, Chantel, and myself. Can ya find them all? Right beneath the Man's chin... 6 pitches down, 2 to go. The wide horizontal ledge is a perfect spot to take it all in. Staged for the last 2 pitches... where are Ben, Zach, and Issac...? Headed for my seat to backwards-belay Matt up the final pitch. Note the headlamps newly installed as night begins to fall... Final pitch was definitely the most challenging part of the climb... in the dark. So... its kinda fortunate we carried those lights with us... about 15 feet from the top... just one more cam to clean off. The final pictures are coming... the top, the group 'after' shot... :)